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Premium Topsoil is the highest grade in the Lake Tahoe area. We only choose to sell soil from the richest, most fertile areas that are available to us. At Tahoe Sand & Gravel, we strive to provide our customers with quality aggregates, friendly and knowledgeable services, and reliable deliveries to ensure you have the landscaping gravel and materials you need quickly, affordably, and hassle-free.

Please be advised: Due to variations in color, size and textures in natural products – we cannot guarantee a perfect match. Plus, gravels and masonry stones may vary.

Certified Organic Compost

Certified Organic Compost is a weed-free soil amendment comprised of decomposed forest products, rice hulls, gypsum, and steer manure. Commonly used for gardens beds, reseeding lawns, and sod/grass areas.

Screened Fill

Screened fill has been screened (with a 1/4” screen) to remove rocks, sticks, clumps, and other matter that is larger than the screen size. It’s ideal for improving the condition and appearance of your lawn and garden. Commonly used for back filling, leveling, and raising grades.

Full Cycle BOOST Soil

The Most Satisfying All-natural Soil Amendment Available (as Voted by Plants Everywhere). A little of this natural compost goes a long way! BOOST the nutritional value of your soil. Each cubic yard of Boost has over 300 pounds of minerals and the wholesome ingredients plants love.

Blended Topsoil

Blended Topsoil is plant able blend (equal parts organic compost, volcanic soil and screened native soil). Commonly used for gardens beds, and planting grass from seed.

Root Zone Mix

Root Zone Mix is good for top-dressing lawn after aeration (80% Sand/20% Organic Compost) Screened Native Soil.